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the World Trade Center Aug. 5TH 1966 - Sept. 10th 2001
MY_WTC #624 | Eric 1980
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MY_WTC #624 | Eric 1980

Published 09/17/2017

This photo was taken in August 1980, I had just turned 2 years old. My mother must have been 8 months pregnant with my younger brother. As far as I know this is the only time both of my grandfathers were in New York City together, visiting us from the Philippines. My parents both came to NYC in the early 1970’s to the East Village, where I live now (they live on Long Island now). It’s quite a poignant photo since it must be one of the only photos we have of them together in New York and also knowing that nothing in the photo is with us today…
On the back of the photo reads: ‚1st floor (ground floor) World Trade Center Twin Towers, 109 floors, second tallest building in the world in 1978. New York City. – Aug 1980′.

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