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the World Trade Center Aug. 5TH 1966 - Sept. 10th 2001
MY_WTC #328 | Jennings 1987 | Memorable Picture
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MY_WTC #328 | Jennings 1987 | Memorable Picture

Published 02/03/2012

I was very young around 10-12 years old. We are from NC and were visiting as a family vacation, my mom, who took the picture, my dad, and my little sister. We had just been to Bloomingdales. It was your classic, south meets north. The cab drivers always asked if we were from Texas. We had to say, no, NC! :) It was funny to us. That day we were sight seeing and decided to go up to the very top. We knew my dad was afraid of heights and so it certainly was an experience for us all. I will never forget that trip to New York City! We finished it all with a lunch in the crystal room at Tavern on the Green.