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MY_WTC #01 | 300dpi | jpg 1,7 MB | Author: MY_WTC | Title: MY_WTC #1 | Stefka 1996 | „This photo was taken during my very first trip to the US, which was mainly a stay in NYC. I was trying to make sure that the WTC would be on the picture. Three years later I studied in Philadelphia and on many weekends I would take a trip to NYC and stayed over at a friend’s place in Harlem. It was only towards the end of my one year’s stipend in Feburary 1999 that I decided to actually visit the WTC by myself. So I took an elevator to the sight-seeing floor. That very day the roof was closed due to strong winds. I looked around and saw the monitors next to windows where the skyline was explained to visitors. I couldn’t understand why anyone would prefer to “watch TV” rather than looking outside of the windows where I could experience the slight swaying of the tower. Then I discovered this little movie theater with moving seats where a helicopter flight among the skyline of NY was screened. I took a seat, the lights went out and with the first images of NY’s skyline there was this manly voice saying: “You are in the center of the universe”. I have to admit that I felt pretty disgusted by this arrogant claim. I wrote this down in my diary and every once in while remembered and try to understand it.“

MY_WTC #02 | 300dpi | jpg 2,8 MB | Author: MY_WTC | Title: MY_WTC #2 | Robert 1989 | „In 1988/89 I was an exchange student in upstate New York. I made friends with some guys at SUNY Cortland International Club and met Mme. X (MY_WTC #5) from France. I can not remember her name. I recall that she made a great impression on me. With her we went on a trip to NY organized by the Rotary Club. On Broadway we watched “Me and My Girl”. Even the production was nominated for 13 Tony Awards I could not appreciate my first broadway play at all and do not like musicals until today.“

MY_WTC #04 | 300dpi | jpg 1,4 MB | Author: MY_WTC | Title: MY_WTC #4 | Robert 1989  „My second trip to NY was with Kori. I met Kori at Senior High. He really helped me a lot to feel comfortable in the US, thousands of miles away from home. His father was Professor at Columbia University and he had an apartement on 96th street. Great trip. Thank you again, Kori.“

MY_WTC #16 | 300dpi | jpg 1,2 MB | Author: MY_WTC | Title: MY_WTC #16 | Oliver 1987 | WTC at dusk „Not my first time in NY, but in 1987 the first time on the WTC. And somehow I felt WTC being something special. No idea what might happen some 14 years later…“

MY_WTC #17 | 300dpi | jpg 1,8 MB | Author: MY_WTC | Title: MY_WTC #17 | Oliver 1987 | in the streets „I am absolutely sure that every tourist having been in NY between 1966 an 9/11 has taken at least one picture of the WTC. So did I in 1987 (actually I took some more). I wonder what might be today the most attractive shot??? Guess!“

MY_WTC #18 | 300dpi | jpg 1,5 MB | Author: MY_WTC | Title: MY_WTC #18 | Oliver 1987 | on the ferry „All of us tourists were absolutely impressed by the WTC in the NY skyline. Well, since 1987 some other skyscrapers have been added. But to my mind none of them obtained the same landmark status. At least we know today that none of them gained comparable notoriety…“

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