Welcome to MY_WTC

This blog’s aim is to create a comprehensive collection of private photographs of the former World Trade Center in NYC. The idea behind this project of Robert Ziegler and Stefka Ammon is to document and describe analytically the specific aura, meaning and significance of this architectural and cultural complex from the angle of visitors’ and tourists’ images from all over the World.

This blog does not include images of September 11th’s events and does not intend to comment on them either. It wants to explore how a symbolic architecture enters private narratives and claims global consciousness alike.

From it’s very beginning (the construction period in the late 60s) until September 2001 the World Trade Center had a great appeal on tourists and visitors of New York City as only a few architectures do in metropolises: who ever has been there, had a picture taken of him-, her- or themselves in front of, on top of or inside this building. This kind of fascination based on cultural projections is what this blog wants to capture.

We are very happy about every photograph we will be receiving from where ever in the world.

The size of images may not exceed 5 MB. Please use the greatest image resolution possible. Please add info on the date of the image and if you like also more precise background information (reason of travel, memories of the moment the picture was taken, notions of the meaning the World Trade Center had for you back then).

Visitors of the MY_WTC website can also comment on images – comments which were insulting, demeaning or even violating the law will be deleted as soon as possible. User-posted content does not represent the advice, views, opinions or beliefs of MY_WTC!

We are very much looking forward to your contributions which will create a vivid, discussable and inspiring collection of views on how we perceive sites and create their meanings.

Robert Ziegler and Stefka Ammon