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the World Trade Center Aug. 5TH 1966 - Sept. 10th 2001
MY_WTC #505 | Joaquín de Prada Samper 1986
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MY_WTC #505 | Joaquín de Prada Samper 1986

Published 05/29/2013

I still remember that trip to NY, the downtown area was almost empty that day. I remember my emotion going to the open air at the top of the WTC. I remember the shirt I was wearing, that I liked a lot. The only thing I want to forget is my moustache. I can’t believe that almos 27 years have gone by since that day. I can’t believe that dad has been gone for almost 22 years. I can’t believe that the towers went down. I can’t believe…

Todavía recuerdo aquel viaje, la zona de downtown estaba casi vacía a esa hora. Recuerdo la emoción al poder subir a la terraza de las torres gemelas. Recuerdo el jersey que llevaba, que me gustaba mucho. Lo único que no quiero recordar es mi bigote. Parece mentira que hayan pasado 27 años. Parece mentira que papá ya haga 22 años que no esta con nosotros. Parece mentira que ya no existan las torres. Parece mentira…

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