MY_WTC #209 | Henry 1970

The two pictures attached (MY_WTC: there is only one image shown), as you can see, are years apart. I grew up in New York City and we traveled all over the City and the Statin Island Ferry was one of our favorite things to do. (D.O.B 8/2/33). I grew up, joined the Army, went to college and married.

We settled in the mid west and eventually came East to visit my family, with my own. One of our side trips was a visit to the Statue of Liberty. I noticed the construction and I took a picture of my boys with the WTC as a background. Years later we came again and this time we took the Ferry and also a picture of the completed WTC. Basically, that’s the story of the WTC pics. As kids we traveled all over the City with a cheese sandwich, fifty cents and no fear of „bad guys“. No more today!