MY_WTC #242 | Geoff 1997

On Liberty Island with my mom

My best friend, who lives in NYC, got married in 1987. His wife is from Virginia so the wedding was there. But after the wedding, they were off to Europe for their honeymoon and offered me the use of their apartment in mid-town Manhattan while they were gone. It was a wonderful opportunity for my mom to fly from California to join me.

She had never been to NYC before and it was an absolute joy to show her all the marvelous, beautiful sights of Manhattan. Of course we had to take the ferry out to Liberty Island and see the magnificent skyline and impressive WTC towering over the city below.

My mom and the Towers are now gone and I miss them both.

(A note about the „line“ in the photo: I had taken a picture of my mom sitting alone in this spot, and then asked a tourist to take a photo of both of us in the same spot. When the film was developed–this doesn’t happen anymore with digital cameras!–I discovered that the tourist, for some insane reason, only took the photo of us, cutting it off at our heads, and not including ANY of the skyline! I simply pasted the skyline from the other photo of my mom onto the top of this otherwise ruined photo. Thanks for nuthin‘, silly tourist!)