MY_WTC #265 | Fred 1996

The Twin Towers

The pic MY_WTC #264 was not a B/W shot originally. I decided to present it that way to convey how it contrasts with the original…. the ‘extra’ bonus one you get at the end of the roll inside disposable cameras. That last one you try to squeeze out, color bleeding and appearing to be double-exposed.

Blood-red stains that permanently blot my last memory of the place I loved. I often wonder at my luck in leaving that NYC work situation when I did….8 a.m….I could have been buried in the rubble along with countless other Limo Drivers and their Lincoln Town Cars. There is no way to tell if I would have become a statistic along with those who perished that tragic day.

So, where was I on 9-11 ? Physically, thousands of miles away in Seabrook, Texas. Mentally however, under that rubble, knowing that day would last forever.