MY_WTC #401 | Matthew 1998

Where In The World

José is freaking out about what hideous rubes we look like in this 13.5-year-old picture so much that it takes him a good 30 seconds to realize the reason it’s interesting is it’s a photo of us taken at the top of the World Trade Center in September—thankfully, of 1998.

I remember going up there vividly because it struck me as odd that you could press right up against the glass and see straight down. It didn’t feel like other tall buildings I’d been in. I remember what this area looked like, and the area where they had the TKTS booth (for cut-rate Broadway shows). I wonder if the person who took this was still working there on 9/11. It’s a horrible picture all right, but not just because I’m fat, we’re in baggy clothes and my hair is unstyled.