MY_WTC #421 | Diane 2001

my memories of 9/11 actually begin a couple of weeks before … the end of august. I’d never been to New York and honestly, I hadn’t even dreamed of going there. I’m not into crowds and extreme weather turns me off, but it was time to plan for our summer vacation and we had a couple of things going for us …

– we had season passes to six flags – which unlike disneyland, are good at ALL six flags theme parks around the country, and there was one in Jersey. we’d decided to spend our summer visiting a few of the parks – CA, TX, IL so why not NJ? especially when there is this …

– my childhood friend lived in NY and we hadn’t seen each other in 15 years!

so new york it was!

my kids were 19 months, 9 and 12 at the time. we flew out to Texas to visit my family, then off to NJ with a couple of days in NY.

my friend worked at WTC2 on the 52nd floor, I think. I was so excited to see her – we got into the city, did the Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty deal… then that afternoon I called her up, we met outside WTC2 and we traveled up the never ending elevator to have an early dinner and play catch up.

honestly? an amazing experience! you could see the towers from almost any where in the city. I can’t count how many pictures we ended up with that had them in the background – unplanned! the massiveness of them was breathtaking, the view from the top was sickening (because I’m afraid of heights – lol) and awesome at the same time.