MY_WTC #531 | NASA Mike 1980

Handstand On Top Of The World

That was on May 29, 1980 as I recall. I was traveling around the world on the First Frequent Flyer Club, “Pan Am’s Passport 30” for the entire month of May, 1980. That was a deal : $2222.00 for unlimited PanAm flights anywhere you could get a reservation for a period of 30 days. I went around the world twice, 66,000 miles, 20 countries, 6 continents, 37 flights (a few were not on PanAm). Clipper Class (now called Business Class).

I wrote an article for their Clipper Magazine about doing handstands everywhere I went.

I was 32 at that time – an old University of Maryland Gymnast. Now I’m 66 and although I’m certainly not as good as then, I still doing handstands everywhere. Now I’ve been around the World more than 30 times and have walked around the world on my hands at both 90N and 90S Geographic Poles. It’s been too hard to keep up my original website but for the past three years I’ve been able to quickly post photos and videos on my Facebook Site, while traveling. Last night I returned from a special tour of 6 Asian countries and that made 30 countries so far in CY 2014 – doing handstands somewhere interesting in each country.