MY_WTC #70 | Paulie, Susana, Claudia & Maria 1975

This is my mom’s photo and she is delighted to be included. We are from Argentina, this photo was taken in 1975 by our uncle John Lio on a trip to visit family in Brooklyn. In the photo from right to left are Paulie Lio, Susana Porto, Claudia Lio & Maria Lio. My mom is Susana, in lieu of her quinceanera party she asked to be sent to New York to visit her aunt (Maria) and uncle and cousins Paulie & Claudio.

A quinceanera is the latino equivalent of a sweet sixteen, the main difference is that it happens at 15. It’s a big deal to most teenage girls but my mom preferred to visit our family and see New York City and on her list of must dos was go the Brooklyn promenade to see the ‚twins‘. Mom only refers to them as the twins. My mom now lives on Staten Island and knows many families who lost loved ones in 2001.