MY_WTC #280 | Tony 2001

Scyld, Tony & the Twin Towers

This image of my old school friend Scyld (in the hat) & I was taken on 24 June 2001 on a ferry from New York to New Jersey, less than 3 months‘ before 9/11.

Coincidentally both Scyld & I were visiting New York at the same time, although neither of us were living in the city then:

I was living in San Francisco, and was visiting New York on business, whereas Scyld was living in London and was visiting his girlfriend (now wife) Helen. Less than 18 months‘ after this photo was taken, we both relocated to New York coincidentally within a few days of each other, and also coincidentally within a few minutes‘ walk of each others‘ apartments in SoHo. I still live in New York to this day, and can see the construction of the new Freedom Tower from my apartment in Brooklyn. Scyld and his family moved upstate to Westchester County, NY a few years ago.